Welcome to the New Millennium Leader Academy - where self-actualising humans come to experience transformation, sustenance and empowerment. 

Self-Authoring provides you with an opportunity to identify and overcome current limitations to fuller Self-expression in every area of your life.   In this series, you build the foundations and learn skills and methodologies necessary for ongoing Self-Transformation.  

  • A world-class continually updated self-leadership curriculum which will help you transform your thinking, live from your heart and lead from your truth
  • Live events and workshops with Alison
  • Monthly content updates responding to questions and insights from participants
  • An opportunity to join the Self-Transforming experience and community upon completion

Self-Authoring is an incubator for self-realisation at the next level


Our introductory pricing has been extended until 15 July, 2023. 

By signing up for Self-Authoring you agree to make full payment for the program. You can choose to pre-pay the full amount or one of our payment plan options. There are no refunds regardless of how you have purchased (annual or monthly payments).

 By clicking “Complete my purchase” you agree to enrol in Self-Authoring (providing payment as per payment plan chosen) and to our Terms and Privacy Policy.

$1,800.00 USD

Please find our detailed Participant’s Agreement here. Please read thoroughly and tick the checkout box to acknowledge your understanding and agreement.  

  1. The Academy and Alison Cameron will hold all communication between us (written and spoken) as confidential. 
  2. I am not permitted, during or after my participation in the Academy to copy or in any way distribute any part of materials provided to others.
  3. The Academy fee is non-refundable. By committing to my participation, I am committing to engage fully to receive benefits.
  4. The Academy is a personal learning experience that is not directive advice, counselling, or therapy.
  5. This is a good time for me to engage in self-exploration.

Please email any questions to: [email protected] 

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